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invites you to invest in an exciting project that has already improved the lives of thousands of women

Cocoro is a stylish family of breathable, reusable period knickers, designed with advanced technology that absorbs blood, vaginal discharge and small amounts of urine.

Would you like to invest in Cocoro?


is a feminist, technological and ecological response to a general necessity that repeats itself for 4–7 days every month for roughly 40 years in morernthan half of the world’s population.

We are not starting from scratch. Our work has already been successful, but we want to go much further.

  • More than 15,000 Cocoro users.
  • EU-subsidised project (phase I) with a Seal of Excellence (phase II) in the EU’s SME Instrument programme for innovative projects with high commercial potential.
  • Crowdfunding campaign with 3,433 sponsors and €170k raised (as at Nov. 2016).
  • Industrial protection (utility model).
  • A community of over 60k on social media.

Cocoro embodies social and environmental progress, and is a great business opportunity:

Very large target group

133.8m women aged 15–54 years in Europe alone.

A burgeoning market predicted to grow by 700% between 2019 and 2025. Target sales: rn€12.84m in 2023.

Favourable climate: feminism and environmental awareness (5.6–6.4kg less waste produced per woman per year).

The most advanced product

with better results than our competitors.

We want to introduce our product to as many women as possible, to expand our business internationally, to grow our sales team and invest in R&D so we can continually improve our high-performance fabrics.

Will you help us make it happen?

Add your name to our list of potential investors and we’ll let you know when we begin our investing campaign.

At this point you have not made any commitment. You have time to think about whether you want to invest in Cocoro.

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