How do they work?

Thanks to the combination of three types of material, the Cocoro knickers can absorb menstrual fluid, vaginal discharge and light urine losses.
You can use them on their own, or combined with internal products, such as a tampon or a menstrual cup.

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Cocoro Fibras

1. Cotton

In contact with your most intimate skin, all Cocoro knickers are made of the material recommended by all gynaecologists. Some models are completely lined with cotton.

2. Technical material, based on polyester

Absorbent, water-repellent, antibacterial and breathable. The technical material is hidden between the cotton and the external material.

3. Beautiful materials that vary according to each model

The outer layer varies according to the model. All Cocoro knickers are designed to make you feel comfortable and protected. We also think they’re beautiful!

You can wash your Cocoro like any other piece of underwear: by hand or in the washing machine, with or without a wash bag. In order to keep your Cocoro absorbent, however, it is very important not to use softener or bleach and to never tumble-dry or iron them. Wash them at maximum 30ºC and do not dry-clean them ;-)

For an optimal performance, make sure to wash your Cocoro before you use them for the first time.

Please take these washing recommendations seriously!

Cocoro Lavado

Just like with any other product for your period, the number of hours you can wear your Cocoro knickers will depend on various factors:

  • - Your amount of menstrual or vaginal fluid
  • - The stage of your cycle
  • - How you use your Cocoro: on their own, or as a protector, combining them with a tampon or menstrual cup.

The lighter days you’ll be able to use the Cocoro knickers all day.

The heavier days, you may want to combine them with an internal product, or change them when you see it’s needed. Discover how they best adapt to your needs!

The Cocoro knickers will keep their properties for about 2 years if you use them regularly for your periods, and you respect the washing instructions.

The technical material can be washed up to 60 times. From then on, it will start losing its properties. The Cocoro knickers are so comfortable and beautiful, however, that you’ll be able to keep wearing them as normal underwear for a few more years!

When you bleed you may feel a bit wet, but your body heat and the absorbing properties of the Cocoro knickers will make sure you feel dry again very quickly!

No, they won’t! Forget about relating Cocoro knickers with a nappy: they aren’t similar at all. Cocoro knickers are thin, beautiful, and reusable. When the liquid is absorbed, the knickers do not increase in volume.

We developed the Cocoro knickers with menstrual and vaginal fluid in mind.

Officially, we have to say that at the moment they do not substitute for the current methods to deal with urinary losses. However, various users have told us that the Cocoro knickers are ideal for light, sporadic urine losses!

In the not too distant future, we’ll more than likely carry out some research to find an effective solution for heavier urine losses.


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