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Cocoro is part of the Femtech movement, which includes companies and institutions that use innovation and technology for the benefit of women's health. Technology allows us to respond to the aesthetics, comfort and functionality needs in a single product to improve women's daily lives and monthly cycles. Cocoro period panties received the Most Innovative Design Award (2019) from Design Market Barcelona.

Cocoro relies on constant collaboration with textile expert research centers to improve the design and technical quality of the fabrics that best respond to menstruation, vaginal discharge, and urine leakage.

This technological innovation allows us to offer you:

● A combination of technical tissue layers that are absorbent, antibacterial, breathable, and water-repellent.

Thin, beautiful, comfortable, and practical panties.

Convenient washing requirements: Cocoros can easily be washed with the rest of your laundry.

● A healthy product: Cocoros have a 100% organic cotton fabric crotch liner (without elastane), the most suitable, breathable, and eco-friendly fabric for intimate items.

But Cocoro expands the scope of innovation beyond the product. We are also committed to organizational innovation: among other things, we have chosen a co-management approach with a highly transversal and efficient organization; from the very beginning we offered our great small multidisciplinary team the possibility to combine working at home and in the office and we have continued with this model in order to fully comply with everyone's needs; we also have a Sustainability Department, which aims to continue promoting procedures and ideas that respect the planet and people.


Cocoro has received funding from the European Union's R + D + I program "Horizon 2020" (Number 745214)


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