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More than 180kg of single-use tampons and pads are estimated to be thrown away in a single lifetime for one menstruating woman*. This expresses a blunt reality that reaffirms Cocoro's Zero Waste philosophy: to offer a sustainable alternative to feminine hygiene items, which tend to be non-recyclable and single-use products.


The concept of sustainability is ingrained in Cocoro.
In our way towards full sustainability we are taking care of:

✔︎ The local production: we design Cocoro menstrual pants in Barcelona and manufacture them by hand and ethically in different workshops located in the city and in the Maresme area. We collaborate with local suppliers and distributors, and in doing so, we contribute to the promotion of small businesses and to the reduction of CO2 in transport.

Sostenibilitat Cocoro ARED

✔︎ The choice of fabrics: we work with materials with the OEKO-TEX100, Bluesign, GOTS and REACH certificates. We are also prioritizing the use of organic cotton and introducing recycled materials.

Sostenibilitat Cocoro ARED

✔︎ The packaging: produced in Barcelona and made with FSC Kraft paper, Cocoro's packaging comes in various sizes in order to avoid an excess of individual packages.

✔︎ The production system: we cut the fabric in such a way as to minimize waste material, and we promote projects to reuse that waste and avoid throwing any fabric away. Our production is socially ethical, respecting the people involved, and resulting in a VEGAN certified product.

And so, what started as an idea, our dream, is now a reality: high-quality, reusable period panties designed both to take care of our bodies and our planet. With a lifespan of about two years as period underwear, every Cocoro can be used as normal underwear for many more years after that.

At Cocoro we are part of the Fashion Revolution - Who made my clothes? Movement, a global non-profit initiative that brings together hundreds of fashion professional teams. The Movement calls for greater transparency and sustainability throughout the production and supply chain, from ideation to manufacture until the product reaches the consumer.


In addition, we collaborate with the Junan Foundation, through Junan Serveis Solidaris, which offers a confidential document destruction solidarity service in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia, working with people at risk of social exclusion. They are also part of the inner workings that make Cocoro possible.


We are proud to announce that Cocoro has been shortlisted for the Loomish Fashion Innovation Award - Sustainability Edition. 



We are very pleased to have found that Cocoro's sustainable panties that go hand-in-hand with innovation and feminism, respond to a real need many people share.




* Sources: Report by ReZero, Zero Waste Europe, ReLoop and Break Free From Plastic. "The environmental & economic costs of single-use menstrual products, baby nappies & wet wipes".


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