Period knickers

You can pick among various models, and two absorbencies.

Which is your favourite Cocor? You can use them all for:

  • your period
  • vaginal fluid
  • light urine losses
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  • 57,95 €

    Period knickers with a classic cut. Made of cotton and with no lace or waistbands, they’re the simplest Cocoro model. If you’re the type who prefers basic underwear, this is your perfect choice! If you’re happy with your Cocoro, this pack of 3 is ideal to help you have as many Cocoro as you need to live your period and vaginal discharge comfortably.

    57,95 €
  • 37,90 €

    2x Thong period knickers. Made of cotton and with a wide and elegant waistband, this thong is very comfortable! Its absorbent area is smaller than in other models, but it keeps the same properties. Particularly ideal for light-flow days, and for vaginal fluid!   Knickers: one cotton layer Intimate area: cotton and technical fabric made of polyester

    37,90 €